Retired Persons Permits

All applications should be handed-in at the Consulate by the applicant


Retired persons’ permits may be issued to persons who wish to retire in South Africa, provided that such persons comply with the financial requirements provided for in the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No. 13 of 2002) and its Regulations. Applications must be made at any regional office of the Department of Home Affairs or nearest South African embassy, mission or consulate abroad.

To apply for a retired persons’ permit you must submit the following documents with the Temporary Residency Permit Form DHA-1738:

  • A passport with at least 2 pages for a visa. The passport must be valid for 30 days after expiry of the intended visit
  • 2 recent passport size colour photographs
  • A photocopy of a valid residential permit, if applicable
  • Permit fees CHF 35.00UBS Business account (CHF)
    IBAN: CHF52 0024 0240 3815 8101 M
    Account No: 240-381581.01M
    Category: Department of Home Affairs
    Client No: 240-381581
    Holder: Mission of South Africa, 1204 Geneva
    Reference: Your surname and initials     
  • A vaccination certificate (if you have travelled through or intend travelling to the yellow fever belt)
  • Proof of medical cover
  • Medical and radiology reports
  • Proof of financial statements in the form of (Minimum Payment p/month 37 000 Rand)
  • Bank statements
  • Salary advices
  • Pension
  • Undertaking by the host (s) in South Africa
  • A written statement and documentation confirming purpose and duration of visit
  • A police clearance certificate from each country in which you resided for 12 months or longer since the age of 18 years ( police report to be apostille)

If you intend to be accompanied by a spouse or children, then the following additional documents must be attached to the Temporary Residency Application form:

  • Medical certificates for all family members accompanying you
  • Unabridged birth certificates
  • A marriage certificate, where applicable
  • Proof of a spousal relationship
  • A copy of the marriage certificate or affidavit (partner)
  • A divorce decree or proof of legal separation if applicable
  • Proof of custody or adoption of a minor(s), if applicable
  • A death certificate in respect of a late spouse, if applicable
  • Consent from the parent(s) of a minor(s), if applicable
  • Proof of the following:
    • Pension income of a minimum of R37 000 per month, or a life-long irrevocable retirement annuity / retirement account with the equivalent value of R20 000 per month
    • A net worth not less than R12 million from which at least R15 000 per month will be paid out for living expenses
  •  CHF 35.00 – NO CASH accepted. Money to be deposited in Consulate bank account. Details to be provided at the Consulate